Brand Story

Appearance is self-esteem
ancee is can be defined as ‘Appearance is Pride”, in other words, taking care of your appearance can translate into increasing self-esteem and self-care. We hope, please find your own beauty through our products and be the confident woman to any one.


Brand Meaning

ancee is mixed word using appearance, cosmetic, and self-esteem. Ancee means that “Taking care of one’s appearance helps to find own beauty and built self-esteem with healthy way.


Key Point.01

A beauty solution prescribed by a plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Renown Specialists and researchers are part of the team abroad. TOP Specialist-in plastic surgery and dermatology. A fomula that increases self-esteem. Prescribed with proven efficacy. The mindset for a continuous research and experimentation, in order to create ad optimal solution.


Key Point.02

  • Point.01 1. Guaranteed quality cosmetics. Guaranteed quality cosmetics from Long-term development by industry experts.
  • Point.02 2. A cosmetic brand that considers skin health a top priority. The ingredients that stimulate the skin are reduced to the utmost.
  • Point.03 3. Hypo-allergenic ingredients that minimizes skin irritation. To deliver healthy natural abilities rising from the skin to your skin cells, natural oils are prescribed as the best recipe for use with confidence for all skin types.
  • Point.04 4. Customer oriented cosmetic, at a rational price. Streamline distribution structure to deliver quality products to smart consumers at bubble-free prices We tried to be competitive in price.


Key Point.03

  • “ANCEE” has two kinds of eye cream products mainly and the core components is the SDNA - nucleic acid. We call these “seventh of the nutrients ".
    Protamine,adenosine,Pollu-amine, improve wrinkles and skin barrier strength, and these are very useful.
  • There is a high-gravity component calls "SYN-HYCAN”.
    It moisturizes the skin and prevent sagging of the skin also collagen, elastic protein, epithelial cells and other structure improve the function of the maximum effect of the filler can be components.